21 September 2018
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Kosmonauten (EmilEktro)

For some time, this new job at SRS was stationed at my house.
For various vicissitudes of which our life is full I could not listen to him.
And besides, Robomaks’ works are never things that I listen distractedly or with a busy mind. But today, I record on the reader and while clear … Go!

Track 1
Initialized Sequence Completed

A nice carpet of electronic bleep and a pressing vocoder make us understand, where we will go to parry in this work …
Percussion from cosmic dancefloor, Definitely an energetic and charged piece.Perfect as intro …

Track 2
Der Traum Von Kosmonauten

The return home, after the cosmic experience, is the thought that comes to me, listening to this piece of the unexpected melody sweet and poignant at the same time.
Will the experience leave tangible positive or negative traces in the minds of space travelers? Very nice the stop and reprise of half the song.

Track 3
Samantha Cristoforetti in Space
Excessive tribute to our heroine Sammy. Listening to these notes, I look at the pc images without sound of our astro-Samantha with her hair “suspended” while performing her activities on board. Perfect accompaniment !!!

Track 4
Floating Sequence

In this space float where everything is suspended, the cosmic rays arrive at rapid and implacable sequences … Vocoder accompanying the stunning …

Track 5
Valentina Tereskova’s Mission
This track reminds me of the beautiful homage made by the Komputer, an English duo with a beautiful debut with EP but then lost in the street … Homage to the pioneers of the Amazon astronauts.
Valentina, precisely and her flight with Vostock 6, now fifty years ago …
The piece, from the splendid percussion, powerful and pressing, surrounded by beautiful synthetic sounds, embodies the crazy and fascinating story of this madness of interstellar travel in pioneering times …
And successfully …

Track 6

This is a classic piece of SRS: pressing rhythm and melody in automatic repetition, until the completion of the process …

Track 7
Space Shuttle Challenger

A whole other story, this track … Moving and pressing. A beautiful intro, the vocoder that does not predict the drama that will happen soon.
A perfect tribute to this unfortunate crew, expert in the name of progress and spatial exploration. Great piece!

Track 8
Synthetic Brain (Robomaks Astral Reworked)

Back, under a new look, a very futurist piece that our Robomaks, proposed in a more ‘lean in a previous work. Industrial but of the future.4.0? Halfway between a dance floor of the third millennium and a cosmic cavalcade of Schuziana memory …

Track 9
Christa McAuliffe

The elementary teacher launched in space with the unfortunate Challenger mission, seemed to preclude an “easy” space within everyone’s reach … Unfortunately he did not come back to his students …

SRS creates a poignant song a tribute to those who are not there anymore. It is a final ending and a warning to a profession that can never be “normal”.

A contact between life and death between finite and infinite between certainties and ancestral doubts …

Beautiful as always the cover of this work and great research of sound in line with the theme of the CD.

Great work Star Robot System!

Emilektro august 2018


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