28 August 2017
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Mechanized (Emilektro)

After a sleepless night of listening, populated by lightning and electric short-circuits, caused by the great heat (will be a case?) Ndr … We are commenting on the work of the Roman artist SRS. Let’s say that “Mechanized” is an album-concept. In the sense that you perceive a single conductor. Electricity in all its forms and derivations. By the rest, this basic way we have to realize our daily life (often forgotten by the man of the road) has always fascinated the creator of the work, Robomaks, precisely …

The sensation that emits repetitive listening to the cd is a clear break from the previous, last works … Cold sounds, algids, I dare to say anguish at times. There are no melodies that will let you open the door to optimism, joy. Cold existential disenchantment…

  1. Energy Flow
    Already in this first piece you begin to perceive the mood of the composer. The flow of energy flows smoothly and inexorably with an acid aftertaste, ready to blow the mismanaged user who should manipulate it without warning…
  2. High Voltage
    High voltage oscillating plastics are a natural continuation of Energy Flow … Energy that floats in a sidewalk, senseless and no feelings.
  3. Alessandro Volta Conference
    For the pile maker’s conference, great and innovative digital sounds. A haven of hope is therefore … Innovation and expectations for a friendly energy future.
  4. Old Power Station Disused
    Let’s go back to explore a building full of old, rusty electric cars, where the echo of vacuum smells. Everything is an animal being, runs through a transformer and dives into the old broken cables … Anguishant !
  5. Small Remnant of Elecricity
    One zong! And the lightning has already gone… The essence of humanity?
  6. Atem of the Turbines Brains
    No, we were wrong. This gloomy and abrupt return to nihilism convinces us that the hymn to the minds of the turbines is a mere tribute to the execution of work, with no fancy form …
  7. Million Amp
    Beautiful synthetic, fresh and new sounds to try to describe the “flow” of the vital electrical flow … A bit of energy, please … 🙂
  8. Dynamos Work and Electromagnetic Induction
    Beautiful digital sounds and cool and original synths. A natural continuation of the previous piece.Benedetta dinamo…
  9. Mademoiselle Elecricité
    In honor of the young lady the most melodic piece of the concept. So also the accumulators and the capacitors have a heart? Hope …. Beautiful Cosmic Rides …
  10. A Travers le Coeur du Systeme (A l’interieur des decharges elecriques).A THAT finale! The long suite retains our hopes of finding a pinch of soul in the robotic and inhuman world of energy.
    Given the keyboard’s thrill and if the heart of the system sounds, then hope can continue to To stay between us…

A beauty disk, certainly not easy and first listening. But even if it’s a creepy moment in the artist’s path (we notice the lack of any kind of percussion) I’m telling you that once again Robomaks gets into the game. As always in his own way and with all possible sincerity …Thanks for the play, Robomaks!


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