18 May 2017
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Asymmetric (Emil)

When again the echo of Robotica, the work that in 2013 marked a turning point in the artistic career of the Roman musician, is not entirely off, he returns with a job, which is also announced as Asymmetric.
But let’s go with order …Yeah, from the cover of Asymmetric you can notice a continuity with the previous work. Electronic circuits at the Homecomputer let go of some basic sources of inspiration.
Syntetic Brain begins the journey between Robomax’s intuitions. A keypad interrupts swirling neurons, illuminating the depth of the reasoning of the synthetic minds.
Re-start Electro is a great opportunity to listen to the evolution of the vocoder of our synthesizers on an electropop rug. Delicious.
Example of Ideomatic?
The Binary code returns to more spacious atmospheres with a nice rise to the beginning of the song and then go on complicated for us no machines astral calculations.
Cyber Angel makes me want to move her leg, pulled as it is. I remember a disciple of John Foxx …
Sequence of the oriental Girl drags us with refined melodies and astrusi vocoder in the Orient of Geyshe by almond eyes.
Relaxing like a sha-tzu massage Saturn Planet.
We are surprised by the sinister, but familiar vocoder at Florian Schneider.
A piece that I would call Electro Lounge making slalom between the planets …The Automatic Droid The sequential alienating sequence, as well as the same and predictable droid days.

There is no chance of predictability! I hear that this SRS work wipes out the last doubts about the seriousness of the search for a way in the endless world of electronic musicians, often copying or replicating. Get rid of the last blemishes, however, which were felt in your early work.
(Emil G.)


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