20 May 2017
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Pantograph (Andrea)

It’s hard to remember memories of the pieces and names, I’m still trying to memorize, but here’s a short review.. 😉
No name was best chosen for an electronic music album like this: Pantograph.
Yes, because in fact as a pantograph, the album connects us to a world of energy and accompanies us in a leisurely sounding path. The first thing that jumps into the eyes… indeed in the ears… is the professionality of the work: clean, clear and precise sounds. There is no difference with a real recording room.
The second is the vastness of ideas. In fact, as in a journey, we proceed through an electronic landscape that never repeats itself. At corner angles effects and new rifs have been added that would be worthy of a piece apart. That’s why it’s difficult to choose one or some of the songs out of the other. I would say that in general the central part of the album is what I prefer in addition to track 9, which alone would be the ticket.
The third thing is that for its own characteristics it is a difficult albun to catalog and alone it probably opens up a sort of thread.
In conclusion beautiful work (perhaps the best) and perfectly realized. Surprisingly ingenious in some parts and for that it is a shame that all these ideas do not even generate a germ for something more commercial to develop in parallel.
And since they are the only CDs that run on my system .. thank you again!
(Andrea M.)


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