20 May 2017
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Plasma (Emil)

In the “Plasma” review we immediately begin to say that at the level of dynamics and sound cleaning, we are at really great levels.
In the most important installations, it will make your loudspeakers fully…
The first Electro-re-start piece I like, pulled as it is and you hear the holy hand of the remixer cru …
With “Electrode of Love“, we touch very tall peaks. One of my favorite favorites, tr in SRS discography.
From the previous “Robotics”
The fast-paced drum of electronic battery, sinth and sequencer, invite you to raise the ball volume… From charging!
The “Femme fatale” always taken from the work of 2013 makes it clear that the teutonic remixer is in line with some “minimal house” productions so fashionable in certain Berlin …
With “Syntetic Seduce” the sound is modernized and with low bass and beautiful keyboards. A sophisticated and classy piece.
Another interpretation of Re-start Electro remix, dragging and pulling. Very original. Maybe I prefer the first one…
Eleetropolis re-remix” My track! This pulled elektropop is a piece that puts me in the car in the morning going to work. My favorite song!!! Compliments…
Japanese Whorehouse” Here the remixer merely remodels just the titled piece and in fact the purity pays… Though the thunder is unusual but the battery is dry and does not allow replicas.
It closes with “The Automatic Droid” and is a beautiful disc final. Back to the SRS
(Emil G.)


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