20 May 2017
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Robotica (Emil)

And here we are finally reviewing the new work by Robomaks, the musician of the undergrowth of the Roman electronic scene. A passionate of vintage synths and vocoder, even before being a musician, who has been the author of previous interesting works.
The Star Robot System project is totally conceived by its mind and made primarily in its home studio.
“Robotica” is a work that marks a qualitative refinement from the previous cd. First of all, the wonderful 32-bit remastering that gives the right synthetic rigor sound.
The piece that opens the cd (L’Enfer des Cybernautes) is a fine electro-shot with a rhythmic beat with beautiful synth splashes, great to start listening. You also like the dreamy finale to lift Vince Clarke style…
Electrode of love quickly enters with its rhythmic cadence and is by then one of my favorite songs with the electro melody and the refined vocoder. Also the electrode effect of the dx channel of my implant.
Painting Samurai is an oriental introspection with arpeggiate and vocoders in fading. I remember the first TD, the pure ones…
Vintage game. The beginning of a song with a very well articulated structure that develops throughout the song. Comoriesores, Atari and company here find their own recognition. The games of our adolescence… What do you remember… Bravi SRS!
Love molecules. You enter a cyber-bar to sip an electro-spritz and bore a bionic-girl… Virtual sex?!?
The femme fatale. The SRS are very attentive to the problems of the relationships between the sexes and this piece emphasizes it. The nihilism that transpires does not leave us however many hopes in a couple’s future… J glacial.
Robotica. The track from the title to work is a wonderful and elaborate embossed texture of percussion and synth. Level level in my opinion.
Saturn invasion. You go back to the eletropop with beautiful riffs of champion chorus. Every little imperfection of syncro but forgive, given the martial arts of the inception. Well the reprise with change of percussion in mid-song and nice also the finale.
The fairyland. The country of the SRS fairies and a pursuit of excruciating and beautiful electronic freckles, which only in the end find peace with the pulsating to fall.Snowant…
Dark station. An unmissable station, equal to all the stations in the world with alienated passengers all the same and in little, little lighting… Spooky…
The work of the SRS is embellished by the 2 remixes, where we gave white paper to our friend Von Lynx, German of Germany. Electropolis a piece a few years ago, it buys new life and cares with the energy care made in Germany… Refined and Played in my main system, it moves the woofers to duty!
Even Electrode of Love remixes, heading towards the techno-funk style Paul Harcastle or Sabers of Paradise … dreamy and danceable.
What is it to say? This is undoubtedly an “adult” job. Very well-structured and with a nice job of looking behind. What little technical imperfection does not affect the largely positive jusicon on “Robotics”
Avercene of experimental musicians who, while influenced by their favorite listeners, do not want to play and look like anybody else … Bravo SRS!
One mention also deserves the cover, in my opinion very well done
(Emil G. )


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